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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dulce de Leche

I had never heard of this method of making dulce de leche (caramelized sweet milk) until my dad saw it online and decided to try it. I must admit I thought he was a little crazy at the time, but it works great and who doesn't love caramel?
When I came to China I was surprised that sweetened condensed milk was readily available at every grocery store.(I guess when you see everything that is lacking, it strikes you odd that they actually do have an item you're looking for)
This dulce de leche make a great caramel dip for apples, or you can use it in place of icing to spread on a cake or brownies. Or what would be simply amazing (which I haven't tried, but just thought of right this minute) would be to use it to make caramel apple crumb pie. Oh, baby. I just might have to try that and report back. Anyway, enjoy!

1 can of sweetened condensed milk


Peel the label off of the can and place the can in a pot. Cover with water.
Bring to a boil. Boil for 3 hours.
Add more hot water as needed as the water will evaporate and you need to keep the can covered at all times (*Or risk an explosion in your kitchen)

I heat up a glass of water in the microwave for this so it doesn't bring down the temperature in the pot.
After the can has boiled three hours, turn of the heat. Drain the water and replace with cold water. Do this a few times until the can is cool.
Open and enjoy your dulce de leche!


  1. I cannot for the life of me find condensed milk. I've checked Ole, City Shop and my local Chinese grocery but all they had was evaporated milk. Where were you able to find some?

  2. Kristin, I usually find it at my Carrefour in Zhongshan Park. I seem to think it's either by the Chinese coffee and tea or in some store I've seen it near the jam and peanut butter.


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