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Ground Rules

1. Tell us about it- This is more than just a recipe site. This is a blog. A food diary, if you will. What we want are stories of how this recipe came to be or what it means to you. Food has such a power over our emotions at times. Food is more than just food. It’s the fuel we use to keep our bodies healthy. Sometimes it’s a way to feel at home in a strange country. It can be an expression of love or an act of service to our family or neighbors as we put some of ourselves into what we create. It can also add a bit of humor to life as we look back on those “uh-oh” moments in the kitchen. Whatever it means to you, please share your thought so we can catch a tiny glimpse of your life.

2. Labels- Please add labels to each blog post. When you add labels to your recipe it will automatically show up in the Recipe Index on the right-hand side bar. This will make it easier for everyone to search for recipes on the blog. See the tab on the top marked labels for a list of acceptable labels to use.

3. Pictures- You must include pictures. This is a how-to blog. Not only do we want to see your beautiful creations, we want to be able to understand how to replicate it! Please post as many pictures as you can (I know it gets hard sometimes to cook one handed and take pictures with the other hand but please try?). Don’t feel like you have to be an amazing photographer or have an awesome camera. I don’t- but you can still get the gist of things and that is what is important!

4. Local ingredients- As we do want to be able to recreate each others recipes, please use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. I’m not saying Chinese only ingredients- I am saying “able to be gotten locally” be it City Shop, Carrefour or your local wet market. If you use something that you did bring from home or is hard to find in one of your recipes, please make mention of it in your post.

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