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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rice Cooker BBQ Chicken

When I was growing up it seemed like not a week went by where my mom wasn't using a crockpot for at least one meal, usually Sunday dinner. I guess it just made sense to be able to come home from church and have dinner ready and on the table within minutes.

When I first got to China I didn't really look for a crockpot. For me, it was kind of low on the list what with the challenges of learning a new language, how to get around on the subway with a baby and a toddler, and figuring out what I could cook using local ingredients (we came to China for a start-up which didn't work out and then found a job with a local Chinese company so back then buying anything imported just wasn't financially possible).

My awesome friend Cami clued me in on first using a rice cooker as a kind of crockpot substitute. Now, I guess the point of a crockpot is for things to cook slow and unattended, which you can't exactly do with a rice cooker. But this recipe for BBQ chicken does require less watching than on the stove so I guess its a  bit of a happy medium between the crockpot and the stovetop.

This BBQ chicken recipe is easy and relatively quick ( 60 minutes-ish) and it is super easy. I usually like to make homemade rolls, but sometimes I'll pick up rolls at Carrefour if I'm in a hurry.

1 bottle ketchup
1/4 cup(50g) brown sugar (I usually use the dark Chinese kind because I like the molasses flavor it adds to the sauce- if you use imported light brown sugar add 2 teaspoons of molasses
1 (5ml)tsp garlic powder (sometimes hard to find - I've found it at Metro and Tesco. You can substitute 3 cloves crushed fresh garlic if you prefer)
few dashes of paprika
fresh ground pepper to taste
1(5ml) tsp salt
few dashes of liquid smoke (I've seen this at City Shop, although it is one of the things that I bring from the States. It's tiny and lasts forever)
3(45ml) tbsp chicken bouillon
1 (240 ml)cup water
4-5 chicken breasts

 Place ketchup, brown sugar(and or molasses), garlic powder, paprika, pepper, salt, liquid smoke, and chicken bouillon in rice cooker.

 Add water and stir until combined.
 Add chicken breast.
Push down cook button and cook 30-40 minutes.
 Open the rice cooker, turn chicken breasts over. Continue cooking,checking and stirring every 5-10 minutes. (you need to stir every few minutes or the chicken breasts will burn on the bottom. Cook until the chicken is tender and the sauce has thickened.(You want it about the consistency of ketchup or BBQ sauce) Unplug the rice cooker. Let the chicken cool down and rest for 15-20 minutes.

Use two forks to shred chicken. Serve over rolls for sandwiches or use to make BBQ chicken pizza.

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